EVO is in the largest privately held credit card processor and among the top ten largest non-bank acquirers. They are also the first American Independent Sales Organization (ISO) to enter the Canadian Market. EVO actively services nearly 200,000 businesses of all sizes in various industries, focusing on the small to midsized merchant. EVO processes nearly $20 billion transaction volume of credit and processed close to 300 million transactions. Headquartered in Long Island, N.Y., EVO is a "single source" for the full range of electronic payment services. EVO offers several processing options, thus approving 98% of the merchant applications it receives.


With your membership in the SBDA your business will be assured some of the lowest rates in the marketplace the revenue generated for the SBDA is used to market your business through seeourstores.com and the VIP Card program. Ask your representative for more info.


What if I already have a credit card company?
You will need to see if you are under a contract with your current provider and find out if they charge an early termination fee. In most cases the SBDA will reimburse you for the Termination Fee up to $250. Once your new terminal has been installed you will need to contact your old service provider and cancel your old account.

Do I have to buy a new terminal?
Unless you are interested in upgrading your terminal we can ussually reprogram your existing terminal. In order to ease the transition we will swap your terminal with a similar Refurbished terminal of equal value. When it is installed it will be ready to start accepting credit cards so that we do not have to tie up your phone lines while the machine downloads.




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